Hygiene is our top priory and to that end we have the following systems in place:

  • A Comprehensive Health Policy that helps to prevent the spread of infections and viruses within our school. Click here to view our policy: (see attached)
  • Latex gloves are used during all nappy changes, potty training and while assisting the older children who need assistance. The nappy change areas and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected after every use.
  • We make use of a specialized hygiene company, Germcure, who visits our school weekly to disinfect the entire school, beds, cots, play areas and toys with a non-toxic, child friendly disinfectant. We also use their products to disinfect our school on a daily basis.
  • Please click here to visit their website: https://germcure.co.za/
  • Our cleaning protocol is of the highest standard and we have 2 dedicated staff members appointed for cleaning purposes only.
  • Sick staff members are asked to stay at home. The Flu vaccine and Vitamin B shots are available to our staff members during winter months at no cost to them.
  • Our in-house babyclinic (managed by Ari Nel pharmacy) offers deworming, flu vaccines and baby immunizations on a regular basis. (more information at the school)
  • Sanitizer units are placed throughout the school, at all the entry gates and in the nappy change areas. A “no contact” thermometer is used to detect fever in children and visitors before entering the school premises.

View our policy document

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